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Apr 27, 2020

#017 Nerd Herd Podcast - Trends

We recap last week's "Podluck" as well as renting a goat for your Zoom meetings, Microsoft Word's double-space changes, Mary Meeker's coronavirus trends, newspapers lack of adapting to the internet as well as Sarah's BIG app of the week.

Apr 20, 2020

#016 Nerd Herd Podcast - The Podluck

This week we host our first ever "Podluck" with friends of the podcast. It's really two hours of banter on an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon. This was recorded as a Zoom call and you can see the video at 

Apr 13, 2020

#015 Nerd Herd Podcast - Zoombomb

This week we are back with another video recorded episode and discussing the upcoming "PodLuck" on Saturday, virtual concerts, Zoombombing, Amy ranks corporate video conferencing tools, Google messaging naming, Apple and Google partner on tracking Covid19 and Sarah's BIG app of the week.

Apr 6, 2020

#014 Nerd Herd Podcast - World Gone Mad

This week we are experimenting and sharing the podcast on YouTube as we discuss plans for the first PodLuck, how Microsoft is winning in schools and in the office, absurd conspiracy theories around 5G, Sarah's BIG app of the week, Eddie's new sewing machine, Amy in the Kitchen and...