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Mar 30, 2020

#013 Stayin' Alive

As we wrestle with social distancing and staying engaged, we share the plans for a multi-podcast "Zoombeque PodLuck" on Saturday April 18! Also on this episode we dive into work tools like Zoom, Slack and Teams... as well as the games we are playing after-hours such as Animal Crossings: New Horizons,...

Mar 22, 2020

#012 Not the 'C' Word

This week we consciously not talk about anything related to the thing everyone is talking about. Instead, we turn our attention to the Nerd Herd PodLuck plans, Eddie's home repairs, the new Apple iPad and Magic Keyboard, Apple+ TV show reviews as well as a review of Star Trek: Picard as it heads...

Mar 16, 2020

#011 Lockdown

The nerds discuss the new reality of working from home and how work environments are adjusting to this new reality. Sarah gets a new wifi setup and reviews her BIG app of the week, "Dig This" while Amy explores options for off-time relaxation and mind breaks.

Mar 9, 2020

#010 Panic at the Pod

The nerds get wound up discussing vBeers in Denmark and the April PodLuck in Austin in the face of panic around the Coronavirus. The crew also dunks on the battery life of Apple's AirPods Pro and Sarah's BIG APP of the week review of WaterLama water tracker.

Mar 2, 2020

#009 Pod Wars

The week the nerds discuss the Scandanavian Pod Wars, vBEERS in Copenhagen, the impact of the Corona Virus on the tech industry and wrap up discussing the shortest jobs they've held.